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10 Reasons to Host a Holiday Party at Your Office September 23, 2015 by tastycatering 2 Comments Company holiday parties pay huge dividends, and now they do not have to cost a fortune either. I have hosted many family parties (including Thanksgiving Dinner and Christmas Eve) over the years with 30+ people but have yet to host a party for my friends.

I'm all ears! Reply A holiday party is a nuisance on many who just want to go home for the evening. The polls pretty much show it. Pingback: 7 Reasons Why Company Loyalty Still Matters () There is no need to suffer by forcing yourself to pretend; there are plenty of valid reasons for refusing. How not to behave at the office Christmas party. Very short. Even if it’s during the day and still on company time, you’ve still referred to it as a “party, ” and parties may have pie but they don’t have pie charts.

Furthermore, if the company results are bad and the result is no or delayed raises, no 401K contributions, no or smaller bonuses, then save it. 5 reasons to have your Christmas party on board TLC We're not exactly sure where it's going, but this year is flying by. After a fantastic summer season enjoyed by a huge range of charterers, attentions in the TLC office are already focusing on the last few months of the year.

365 Reasons to Party Every Day Jun 22, 2013 In 1949, we printed Esquire's Handbook for Hosts, a guide to eating, drinking, and being merry with friends in your own home. The Christmas party is the worst bit of your job that no one warned you about. After all, who the hell thought you’d want to spend your spare time with a bunch of socially awkward colleagues who already occupy basically all of your usual waking hours? The end-of-year party is a great time to. benefits of a work Christmas party to.

Why You Should Attend Your Office Holiday Party. my mailbag fills up with letters from readers asking if they have to attend their office holiday party. [See 10 Reasons to Step Up. Challenger, Gray& Christmas says that 70 percent of companies will hold holiday parties this year, and only 30 percent will hold them on company premises.

This sounds great — how generous of these companies to throw a party! How great for morale! There’s only one problem — no one wants to go.

It's been argued you should Reasons to have a christmas party the Christmas party. So, in the spirit of the silly season, let’s have some fun: here is why that's a terrible idea. Company holiday parties are a way to show appreciation for employees.

Here are three characteristics of a great holiday party. Nobody on earth will understand the stress of your day-to-day work better than the people at your Christmas party.

Many workplaces use the Christmas party as an opportunity Reasons to have a christmas party highlight top performers, others use it as an opportunity to give everybody a. Why on earth would anyone book their Christmas party so early? ! Well you'll be surprise as this is normally the prime time for companies to start planning ahead. Additionally, keep in mind that there are plenty of people who have religious or personal reasons for why they may not want to attend a party.

If it's labeled a Christmas Party, you may have employees of other religions who feel left out. Five reasons to have a company party: 1. Meaningful expression of your organizational culture – For small to mid-sized businesses, there isn’t as much distance between the employees and the decision maker(s). The unbreakable rule of hosting a successful company Christmas party is that you don’t hold it at the office.

Even if you follow all of the other suggestions in this article, you'll never have a fun, event if you hold it where employees work. From the possibility of a free bar to ensuring job security, read more about the 5 reasons why you should attend your office Christmas Party this year. Nothing wrong with any of this as it all contributes to more party excuses - we just wanted you to know. Have Fun& Party Responsibly! The Party Excuses. com Network The dpc way of helping to create the perfect working environment means working hard and playing even harder - our annual Christmas party is vital for this.

The reasons why throwing a Christmas office party can help motivate employees. Looking to host a holiday party for your staff? Here's 10 reasons why hosting at your office can help save you money, and offer your employees a good time!. Going to a party school should be something you can brag about on your resume. Before you completely disregard this statement, just try and keep an open mind.

17 Reasons Why Going To A Party. People take their cues from the leadership style of the business owner (CEO, president, etc).

If you believe that you can have a profitable and human-centered organisation, it behooves you to throw a party. Five reasons to have a company party: 1. My family used to host a Christmas party every year and rotate with some other families. There was one family who came to our parties every year, but I can count the number of times they had their own party on hand.

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